History Of The Company


Water and Wastewater Company of Semnan province formed based on the laws Water and Waste Water Companies formation,(the laws sanctioned by slamic Consultative Assembly in 1369/10/11) in Ordibehesht, 1371




EWWC attempts to provide the best services by developing, reconstructing and rehabilitating water and wastewater networks and installations using various technical and economic methods based on national and international standards for the community.




The vision of Semnan water and Wastewater company as a pioneer in water and wastewater industry includes :


·         Using experienced and skilled staff .

·         Developing applied research .

·         Using up-to-date technologies .

·         Improving technical knowledge .

·         Promoting effective administration and managerial structure .

·         Expanding public awareness in order to help people to access enough drinking water and also the utilities for collecting, transferring and disposal of wastewater in the whole province


Goals and Objects


In according to articles of association , the company basic activities are to create the construction pertaining to the urban water distribution and the construction related to wastewater collecting, transmission and treatment to exploit the construction related to water supply and distribution and to collect , transmission and treatment of wastewater as following :


·         To exploit the construction related to urban water supply and distributing like treatment plants , pump station , transmission pipes , sources , walls controlling system and distribution networks.

·         To exploit of the network related to collect and transmit the wastewater treatment plants and related pump station

·         To execute the projects related to urban water distribution networks

·         To execute the projects related to collect , transmission and treatment of wastewater

·         To execute the projects related to water supply and distribution by attention to note 3 from article 1 the law of water and wastewater companies formation

·         To invest and take part in companies and institutes are pertaining to company goals and duties in order to increase the quantity and quality of company activities

·         To make the researches and training activities in the fields of company goals and corresponding to Total Water and Wastewater Engineering Company planning
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